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Why Partner With Helyx?

Higher payouts than major networks (10 - 20x Amazon)

Zero out-of-pocket ad spend guarantee - never pay Helyx a dime, no matter what.

Highly rated products with scalable inventory (1,000+ orders / day)

Dedicated team to optimize and scale content; our products can be promoted repeatedly

Affiliate Partner FAQs

What is a CPA offer?

CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action - the action in our case is the purchase of an order. A Helyx CPA offer entails only paying for results; when an order is completed and tracked, a Brand pays Helyx and our Affiliate Partner for acquiring that customer. This incentivizes Helyx and our Affiliate Partners to drive as much traffic and sales as we profitably can, while ensuring that our Brands have an expected and profitable CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). At Helyx, we pride ourselves in building and optimizing acquisition funnels that yield a very high AOV (Average Order Value), which enables our Brands to pay out 10 - 20x higher amounts than other affiliate channels (Amazon etc.). The higher payouts also enable huge revenue-scaling potential through paid ads (see the ad spend FAQ below).

What is an Affiliate Partner?

A Helyx Affiliate Partner can be anyone with an engaged audience to distribute through. Typically, Helyx Affiliate Partners fall into one of several categories: Content Publishers (news sites, pop culture sites, etc.), Influencers, Bloggers, or Affiliate Marketers. Helyx likes to partner with Affiliates that have large and engaged audiences that are genuine and open to scaling through our ad spend program (see the ad spend FAQ below).

What Brands Can Affiliates Promote?

Helyx partners with a wide range of Brands, but usually focuses on broad-market products and services. This allows us to reach a larger addressable market and have long-lasting Brands that we continually generate new content for, rather than churning through hundreds of products just for a quick promotion. To request a full list of our Brand Partners that you can promote as an Affiliate, please CONTACT US.

How does ad spend work with Helyx?

Ad spend is required to promote content to the masses in a long-term and consistent basis. Content can be backed or "boosted" with ad spend across all major digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Ads (Both Search and PPC), and Outbrain & Taboola (Native Advertising).

When you are a Helyx Affiliate Partner, we will work with your relevant pages and audiences to promote content that you create across the major digital channels. While we do offer options for zero ad spend risk - any ad spend that is expensed will be deducted from the Affiliate's payouts / earnings, and we provide a zero out-of-pocket ad spend guarantee. That is to say: when ad spend is required, our Affiliates will always break-even, and never have to pay Helyx a dime (even if the ad spend is greater than the payout).

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