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Why Partner With Helyx?

Shared goal of building a profitable & scalable offer

Network of reputable publishers & influencers

Higher returns & scaling potential than traditional ads

Services scale to your business needs

Brand Partner FAQs

Performance Marketing, Growth Marketing... what does it all mean??

Modern digital marketing is an ever-changing world, so all of these buzzwords can get confusing! As far as Helyx is concerned; all of these terms are the same thing. We view the modern digital marketing landscape as a place where all channels and growth opportunities should be identified, tested, optimized, and scaled when profitable. That's why when Brands work with Helyx, we explore all possible channels as unique cases, because every Brand and product is different and can each be accustomed to different channels. Check out our Stage 2 Services to explicitly see all of the marketing services that we offer.

How do I know what stage my company is at?

The stage that a Brand or company is at is usually in-line with the level of services that they need.

Stage 1 Brands are usually single-founders that are looking for a direct communication line to their own CMO without paying a CMO or even a marketing agency retainer. This is perfect for Brands with single founders or small teams - or for Brands whom are looking to test out working with a marketing agency before transitioning into a full agency plan (Stage 2 Services).

Stage 2 Brands are companies with regular sales and market-proven product(s) whom are looking to create or build their marketing team. They need to scale sales across all digital channels, and optimize their website to increase their site metrics such as Average Order Value and Conversion Rate. This can also include building out custom campaigns through email, referral & loyalty programs, viral growth hacks, etc.

Stage 3 Brands are established companies, usually with $250,000+ revenue per month. These Brands are not necessarily looking to outsource their marketing team or test out channels, but instead are looking to apply their optimized landing pages and ads towards scalable new channels. Usually, Stage 3 Brands have solid metrics and can already provide an aggressive offer to join the Helyx Network, or can work with Helyx to maximize their existing funnels to quickly turn around an aggressive offer.

How does a Brand move from one stage to the next? Does pricing change?

There is not really any specific criteria for moving from one stage to the next besides a change in contract & payment terms, but usually there is a need for increased services as a company scales up in both revenue and marketing needs. A reference for how our pricing works parallels how companies can move through the 3 stages:

Stage 1 Pricing: Low retainer (~20% typical agency fees)

Stage 2 Pricing: Moderate retainer + sales commission

Stage 3 Pricing: Purely sales commission

On top of that - we offer a client referral program that can permanently reduce your monthly fees if you are a Stage 1 or 2 company. Please Apply To Become A Brand Partner to get in touch with us and learn more!

What Publishers are in The Helyx Network?

We value our Affiliate Partners' privacy, and so do not list all of them publicly. To inquire about what publishers your Brand can distribute through, please CONTACT US.

Can I choose which Publishers to create articles with?

While we cannot guarantee placements on publishers - we do work closely with all of our Affiliate Partners to ensure that any Brand we bring into the network is something that our Affiliate Partners would like to post. Some things that can help Brands get placed on the publishers of their choosing:

1. An aggressive CPA offer
2. Strong click & conversion metrics on a proven landing page / funnel
3. Proven & diverse creative assets (both video & images)

This is why Helyx emphasizes the idea of the Brand Stages: Brands can work with Helyx to build and grow all 3 of the above needs to maximize placements and sales through The Helyx Network.

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